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  • Tonya & Kevin Breen
    The helicopter ride was awesome, but what amazed us even more was the outstanding customer service! The ship messed up and sold us tickets for a flight that was already booked!! We arrived at the pier at our designated time only to discover that there was no spot for us. They asked us to give them an hour to find more people for an additional flight. When we came back, they told us that they had been unable to find other riders at such short notice.....but the felt so bad for us that they agreed to add a private flight just for us!!! Nathalie was so caring and just wanted to ensure we had a great time. Jerome did not disappoint! We feel like we definitely got the best view of the island...and a whole different view of our ship as well. We were nervous about missing the last boat back to the ship but Nathalie made sure to get us back to the pier in plenty of time. If you are on the fence about this tour....DO IT. The helicpoter is fun but the people who make up the company make it an unforgetable experience!
    Tonya & Kevin Breen
    Charlotte, NC
  • To the best flight ever
  • Jennifer & Jason
    This was our 2nd visit to Cayman and 2nd helicopter ride with Jerome. We highly recommend this tour to everyone. It is amazing! Beautiful view of the island, water, turtles, stingrays, etc. Jerome and Natalie are wonderful people and they run an exceptional business. We plan to visit again just to take another helicopter ride with them! Thanks again for the awesome memories!
    Jennifer & Jason
    Cincinnati, OH USA, Carnival Paradise
  •  Richard & Luan Chebultz
    We loved this ride! Our 7 year old grandson will never forget it. Great pilot, great group on land also. Everyone made us feel like we were old friends. Would definitely do it again. It's a MUST DO! It was a surprise birthday gift for our grandson. Everyone made him feel very special. Thanks for the great time!
    Richard & Luan Chebultz
    Cedar Park Texas, Carnival Magic
  • Jeff & Tammy Chaney
    Jerome and Natalie were terrific! We had a wonderful experience seeing the island from the sky. Jerome was very knowledgeable, entertaining and an excellent pilot. That's coming from a RW CFII and current EMS pilot with over 27 years of experience. We'd definitely do it again. Thank you Jerome and Natalie!!
    Jeff & Tammy Chaney
    near Savannah GA, Carnival Legend
  • J.C.
    I have to say I didn't go on the tour. But my boys did. I don't think I've ever seen them more happy! They had a ball! They couldn't stop talking about the ride. I can say the service was great. I had to email several times and always got a prompt reply. Thank you for giving the boys such a wonderful day!
    Boston USA, Liberty cruise
  • Debbie and Thomas Westwood
    My son and I (The Aylesbury Ducks) had a fantastic experience in the helecopter ride. It was amazing, the sites were brilliant the beautiful blue sea and the flying was WOW can't put it into words. Would definately do it again. Thanks to you all.
    Debbie and Thomas Westwood
    UK Celebrity Equinox
  • Mary Speck
    My friend Charlotte and I went on the Stingray City tour again this year. WOW..what an experience. Jerome and Natalie are fantastic and very accommodating.
    Mary Speck
    Richmond Tx
  • Dear Nathalie, With the Excitement of the day, I don't think I was able to thank you properly for all the planning you helped me with in making mine and Anthony's wedding celebration special ! It was hard to coordinate things across the miles,but you made everything easy! We felt like a prince and princess, literally being flown away into the sunsest! Jerome was the Best! Of Course we were a little crazy in our head after just getting married! But the Tour was Fun! Jerome took us right into the sunset then we saw the Kittiwake which was sooo cool cuz especially since we didn't get to go snorkeling there.... At StingRay City, Jerome actually spotted an Eagle Ray which he said was rare and it was then I knew this was a trip to bring our Marriage good luck for years to come! On the way back it was so neat to actually see the part of the beach that our Wedding took place. Thank you so much Nathalie and Jerome. Our Sunset Flight was a dream come true of our lifetime and one that we will never forget for years to come! Heartfelt Appreciation, and Thanks!
    Rina and Anthony
  • Jonestown
    Awesome experience. I would recommend to anyone. The first time i took this tour here was a couple years ago and this past year when the cruise i was on went back to Grand Cayman i had to do it again very enjoyable Awesome experience. I would recommend to anyone. The first time i took this tour here was a couple years ago and this past year when the cruise i was on went back to Grand Cayman i had to do it again very enjoyable.
    Pa, Freedom of the Seas
  • Victor Murray
    Wow what can I say, Jerome was a fantastic pilot the try was very memorable and amazing way to see the island (and great value). I am taking every visitor that comes to see me in Cayman up in the helicopter for sure.
    Victor Murray
  • Liz, Claire, Emily, Maddy
    Hi Gerome and Nathalie Just to say thanks for the helicopter trip on Saturday. That was REALLY special, I had no idea how much we would be able to see from the helicopter, particularly loved your "office" and the sharks and turtles! Thanks again
  • Lucy and Alain
    Thank you for an amazing helicopter ride! The Pappagallo package was just perfect. Jerome is a fantastic pilot and tour guide. Nathalie is terrific. We love you both and we'll never forget this experience. We look forward to you both visiting us in Hong Kong! To great friends, merci pour une soiree fantastique.
    Lucy and Alain
  • Zac and Nicole Tyson
    Cayman Islands Helicopters is by far the best operation in the Caribbean! I have flown on many helicopter tours, and no one comes close to this top notch company! They are so willing and eager to help and make everything enjoyable that they even made sure due to a time crunch that we made our tour following the flight!! Cayman Islands Helicopters knows how to show you a good time, and the personal attention they give is invaluable. The flight was very entertaining and was well worth the price. We would very highly suggest Cayman Islands Helicopters if you are planning to visit the Cayman Islands. We would definitely fly Cayman Islands Helicopters when visiting again!!
    Zac and Nicole Tyson
  • Lorraine Mayor
    Wow what a fantastic thrilling experience. Time just went by so quickly. Id do that again any day of the week. A fantastic pilot that made it so fun,swooping and turning, what a buzz. An experience il remember for the rest of my life. 5 star, Thanks!!!
    Lorraine Mayor
  • Judy & Terry French
    Our helicopter ride over the Caymans was one of the best highlights of our cruise. Jerome and his wife were great in accommodating us. We highly recommend this excursion when you're in the Caymans!!!
    Judy & Terry French
  • Brent
    This wasn't my first helicopter tour, but by far the best I have had yet and hard to top in the future. If you have any time to spend on the Cayman Islands, a tour with Cayman Island Helicopters is a MUST DO. From the shuttle to the ground crew to the pilot, everyone on staff is knowledgable and very personal with all guests. I didn't feel like a tourist, but someone going up in a friend's helicopter. Can't wait to get back and do it all over again as much as possible.
    Liberty RCCL USA
  • Roland
    My first ever Helicopter flight(not the last) In order... Gorgeous Natalie, Stunning Van, Genial Jerome, a fantastic entertaining knowledgeable pilot. Done the trip, bought the T-shirt. Must do it again.   Thanks